General Education

Course work

Being that at the moment, School takes most of my time and concentration,  a student is all I’ve been career-wise. Below are a list of classes that I’ve taken so far at the collegiate level.

General Education


Introduction to Writing (ENGL 1010)*

Intermediate Writing (ENGL 2010)

American Institutions

Introduction to Economic Institutions (ECON 1500)*

Distribution Areas

[B.S.] Biology and the Citizen (BIOL 1010)*

[F.A.] Intro to Film (THEA 1023)*

[H.U.] Elem. of Human Comm. (COMM 1050)

[I.D.] Ethics and Moral Problems (PHIL 1120)*

[P.S.] Elementary Astronomy (PHYS 1040)**

[S.S.] Media Smarts (JCOM 2010)*

[Student Choice] Elements of Eff. Communication (COMM 1010)

*Transferred from Utah State University

**Taken from SLCC’S Concurrent Enrollment program.



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