My Goals.

I’ve never been a goal-oriented person, but without goals, where would any of us be? Most certainly, I wouldn’t be attending the S.L.C.C. for a degree. So to reflect my lack of ambitions, and most certainly your lack of interest, I’ll keep my list short but sweet:

Short-Term Goals

  • Do well in my classwork
  • Graduate S.L.C.C.with my Associates Degree
  • Have a high enough G.P.A to transfer to the University of Utah
  • Maintain an awesome tan

Long-Term Goals

  • Graduate a higher institution with my Bachelor’s degree in Communications (Journalism)
  • Be able to actually afford my own home (however small and dumpy it may be)
  • Get a job at a fancy news corporation, or somewhere else if I decide to go into P.R. (highly-applicable Communications major specialty)

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